Oh shit! Now she’s got a blog!

So here it is. I finally took the leap. This is my blog, for what it’s worth. With it, I’m hoping to move you, entertain you, possibly make you think, but, mostly, to make you laugh. People are always telling me, “Christine, you have a unique outlook on things! You should share it.” I suppose I do, so I guess I should. Please consider this a personal invitation to come read the contents of my head (well, SOME of the contents)…and sometimes my heart…as I empty it onto this page. I’ve been a storyteller as far back as I can remember. Once upon a time, this endless blathering took the form of me, standing in front of my third grade classmates in Mrs. Griffin’s class, making up some ridiculous story about the identity of the Barbie doll I brought for “sharing time.” “Okay. So this is Rain. She’s a VERY SPECIAL Barbie with VERY SPECIAL powers….” You get the idea. I was THAT kid, the weird quirky one whose stories you could never decide were lies or just the product of an overactive imagination. And I’ve never been able to resist the temptation of having a captive audience, even back then. My intention is to trade that captive audience for a willing one here. My Facebook friends will be relieved that they’ll no longer be subjected to posts that could rival War and Peace in length, after unwittingly clicking on “read more.” Yes, I’ll admit it, and many of you know, I can be a bit verbose. I can also be slightly…uh…”salty,” shall we say, and the main reason I decided to create this blog is so that I can express my thoughts with complete candor. I never feel more my authentic self than when I am writing, and I’m hoping that, through my words, I might make some small contribution to the life of someone somewhere.

One thought on “Oh shit! Now she’s got a blog!

  1. I look forward to hearing more about this Barbie. 😉 Thanks for sharing-you have a gift and ARE a gift. Way to go! Don’t keep that shit to yourself! 🙂


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